Law School Rush

I’ve talked to some of you about the upcoming back-packing, couch-surfing, two-week trip I have planned, starting next Monday. Plans are almost finalized so I want to share what I have so far, and solicit suggestions on food (Justin Bernstein) and fun for my down time.


Monday: Head out to my parents’ house in Smithville, TN (4 hour drive) to get a head start on the drive. Have lunch with mom.

Tuesday: Drive 7 hours to Elon, NC to stay with Saige. Make an appearance at this event to sign some autographs and blow some AMTA-mocker minds at trivia night. Oh, and see Andrew. I guess.

Wednesday: Visit Duke Law School in Durham, NC (45 minute drive). I’ll be taking a guided law school tour that morning and in the afternoon sitting in on a criminal law class.

Thursday: Head to Washington, D.C. (4.5 hours drive) and reunite with my sister from another mother, Constance. Go to an admitted students event in the afternoon/evening, because Constance is an admitted student. At Georgetown Law. Free food!

Friday: Drive (2.5 hours) to Charlottesville, VA and the University of Virginia so that Constance can attend yet another admitted student event. I am not allowed. However, the Director of Admissions at the law school, Cordell Faulk, has graciously agreed to make a law student show me around. If I don’t decide to crash the admitted students day after that, I have some classes picked out to sit in on.

Saturday: Order room service with Constance and then explore Charlottesville, which seems like it will be a cool little hipster town. Suggestions?

Sunday: It’s back to D.C. and doing whatever we want. It’s only the capital of the nation, there are probably some cool things to do. Suggestions?

Monday: I have to go to school with Constance. :( Oh wait, it’s a field trip! Where? Just a tour of the Supreme Court and the Senate Floor! You’re so jelly.

Tuesday: Up bright and early for my train (1 hour) to Philadelphia, PA where I’ll visit the University of Pennsylvania.

Ask our students why they chose Penn Law, and you’re likely to hear the same answer time and again: “My visit.” As much as we tried to capture the essence of Penn Law on this website, there’s no replacement for the real thing. So, visit and see for yourself!

Sounds exciting! What am I in for? A self-guided tour! I’ll also see historic Philly on the cheap by doing this walking tour. Finally, my mom wins in the category of suggested activities for clueing me in on the Mutter Museum, a medical oddities museum that houses something like 20,000 death casts, medical instruments, anatomical models, and fluid-preserved body parts (some of which are “tastefully displayed within glass-encased oak frames”). Wee!

Wednesday: Stay over night at the Apple Hostel and give myself until noon to tie up loose ends in the city of brotherly love. Suggestions? Take the train (1 hour) to New York and meet Neil somewhere at some point.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: Go to class with Neil at NYU and let him show me around. Go to Colombia at some point for yet another self-guided tour and maybe take in a class. Work on a very flexible schedule because I’m in New York City. Suggestions? Sleep on a cot that Neil is checking out from the front desk in his building. Probably have a lot of pillow fights and nail-painting parties.

Sunday: Leave around 12am and head back to Constance in D.C. (2 hour train ride.) Sleep it off and drive back to Smithville, TN (a long-ass drive). Listen to Sotomayor’s new book (about Quaaludes?) on tape. (Thanks, mom!)

I really want to add pictures to this post to make it awesome but I am late for my unpaid job, which I also mean to update on. But it’s not as awesome as this trip is going to be. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Law School Rush

  1. I can’t WAIT to read the blog about this trip! Have so much fun!

    I don’t know if I have anything to add. Amy’s going to see Sam in Richmond the same weekend you’re in DC, and they may go in to see the cherry blossoms. I’ll keep track of you and see if you’re in the same space/time continuum.

    Eliott is from Philly, so he’d tell you to get a philly cheesesteak from Jim’s and only from Jim’s. Honestly, that is a disgusting sandwich – it actually has Cheez Whiz on it.

    Good karma your way – whoever gets you is gonna be lucky.

    Strap your ass to that chair and blog about the internship – I’ve got a post coming about mine too!



  2. WordPress thought you were a spammer, and I just found this comment in my box! So I’ve fixed that. Doesn’t look like we have any cherry blossoms, so I doubt I’ll see Amy and Sam, but give them my love. :( And I’ll definitely go to Jim’s. Sounds disgusting/authentic. I’ll blog about the internship when I’m home!


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