Day 1: Smithville, TN

Miles driven: 276 mi.
Steps taken: 2,407 (0.72 mi.)
Dollars spent: $61.04

Today I got an early start and made the 4 hour trek back home to Smithville, TN. The boyfriend and I said goodbye in Memphis, and in Smithville I had an easy day: fixing my phone with my step dad, helping (watching) my mom with bathroom renovations, and hanging out with my brother and sister.

Mom bought me “My Beloved World” by Sonia Sotomayor on audio book and some snacks for the longer car trips. She also volunteered to buy gas!

Although today was uneventful, I wanted to write to begin the habit. I’ve also decided to document costs so that others planning similar adventures can have an estimate.

Tomorrow: Seven hours in the car. A lot of Pringles. Maybe a Hershey’s bar. And Elon, NC with Saige and Andrew, as well as trivia night in my semi-honor as a famed scuba-diver. I wish I had my snorkel and fins.

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