Day 4: Georgetown University Law Center

Driven: 413 mi. (6 hrs 48 min)
Dollars: $114.20 (approx.)
Steps: 9200 (approx.)
Monuments seen: 6

Yesterday I was up early and in the car on the way to DC to meet Cici and go to her admitted students day at Georgetown. Unfortunately, I was late and we missed the optional class visit (my bad) and the student-led tour (she really wasn’t trying hard to get there). So, when we did get to the law school (directly across from a very exciting view of Capitol Hill) we wandered about on our lonesome. And, PS–Georgetown gives out swag.

First discovery: The Georgetown Gilbert and Sullivan Society. Are you freaking kidding me? It’s the first I’ve ever heard of a law school student organization that produces musicals (well, one musical, one play, and one G&S operetta per year) just to blow off steam and have some fun. Totally up my alley. Later, I learned that they also have an a capella group called… wait for it… LAWcapella! Writing this paragraph makes me so giddy I can barely stand it. Constance was firm on the fact that she would make fun of me if I were to join either club.

Later at the event, we heard from Dean of Admissions, the Dean of the Law Center, and several admissions officers that emphasized the fabulous location of the school (and all the related opportunities) as well as their commitment to public service law. A panel of alumni closed things up before dinner, one of whom was the Executive Director of the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project. My heart grew two sizes. The staff served us at dinner (which was pretty good!) and the Dean of Admissions wore a big chef’s hat, which I took to mean he didn’t take himself too seriously. I like that. Professors and students milled around and talked to us about any questions we might have, and I got to speak to one professor about law and econ, which–although I always seem to forget–is pretty much the most interesting thing on the planet. Even better, he seemed impressed with the experience that Constance and I already have in both mock trial and moot court, my internship at the SCDAG, and my knowledge of topics (“Prosecutor’s fallacy!”) related to his current courses. All seem like good signs.

We got a peek at the model Supreme Court before going to an Irish pub (“a local institution“) with the ACLU students. We were waylaid at the bar, though, by a 1L from Vanderbilt who, unlike everyone else we had spoken to that day, was less than impressed by Georgetown. Glad to hear an alternate point-of-view, we chatted with him and his friend for about 30 minutes before concluding he was kind of a douche and pretty pretentious and we’d both like to go to Georgetown, anyway.

Constance and I hopped in the car to head to Charlottesville and arrived around 1 am. We’re here at beautiful UVa today, and I’m at a Panera because, unlike Georgetown Law admissions, UVa won’t let me go to Constance’s stuff. (I’ve already sent Georgetown a thank you for the awesome time.)

Forthcoming: A private tour with Gillian, a class, and lunch at UVa. Maybe crashing the admitted students day if security isn’t tight.


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