Day 13: New York University School of Law

Walked: 1,000,000 steps
Driven: 0 mi.
Dollars remaining: $78.82 + one 1985 $20 bill that I am reluctant to spend (because it’s neat-looking).

Day before yesterday: Neil and I got pulled into an amateur comedy club (just so happens that it’s the same one where some scene in “Louie” was filmed) and had a bunch of beers. Some of the comedians were actually pretty good. Some of them were painful.

Yesterday: I started my day with a headache and some sensitivity to light, but luckily it was a cloudy day in NYC. Remaining loyal to the spirit of experimentation, and in recognition of the various ways there are to visit a law school, I tried a new one: not visiting the law school. I instead went for pancakes and visited various landmarks.

If you’re ever in NYC near NYU, you should have brunch (properly celebrated after noon) at the Washington Square Coffee Shop. Since I don’t have a lot of money left I was pleased to find out that the Shop has a pancake breakfast (with coffee and juice) for $6.95. The service was super-fast, and it was more than I could eat. (You will get in trouble for putting your feet up on the seats, though.)

My first stop was the New York Public Library, which was amazing and totally worth the 50-block walk. For no admission, they have free tours of the library and I saw an exhibit on Mary Cassatt’s print-making. Plus, you’re just in an amazing, iconic place.

Next I went to 30 Rockefeller Plaza (or 30 Rock) because I’m a big fan of the show. I also walked through Bryant Park on the way, which is nice because I like Project Runway (forgot to look up the address for Parson’s). I ended the day all the way up on 112th St. to see the Seinfeld diner (“Tom’s Restaurant”). I didn’t go in because the reviews said the food was nothing special and that the inside isn’t the same, seeing as how it was recorded on a sound-stage in L.A. or whatever.  And I was really tired from walking all that way.

I also visited Central Park, which is massive. I did not understand before I went how huge it is, and would recommend that visitors take an entire day to do everything. Well… I don’t know. I like walking and wished that I had budgeted more time for it, but just to go by and look at the Conservancy building, for example, but other people might think that was boring. Whatevs. Idk.

At then end of the day I was so, so tired. Which I had already told my mom on the phone. She was aghast that I was tired. She told me not to be tired. I said, “I kind of wish I was coming home tomorrow.” She said, “NO YOU DO NOT.”

Protip: In all honesty, I’m glad I’m here. However, I would advise people to visit a high-energy city like New York on their first day of an epic road trip, not their last 3 or 4 days. The last 3 or 4 days may be more suitable to Durham, NC.

I came back to Neil’s apartment and chilled until he got out of class, at which point, we went and got dinner at Pepe Rosso’s on the advice of Justin Bernstein. Well, we went to “Pepe Rosso’s To Go” because it was close. That may have been why my penne was too al dente and Neil didn’t get any bread. Sorry, Justin.

Afterwards Neil and I stumbled onto adventure and I can’t post about it until I get out of Dodge. But afterwards we bought some Heineken tall boys and watched some weird YouTube videos. So New York.

Today: I went to Washington Square Coffee Shop again and I tried the French toast. It was good, but for some reason I got a different menu today and it was no longer a “special.” I read the March issue of the National Jurist and chilled out. Later I decided to give the NYU tour a shot.

NYU was by far the worst tour I have ever been on. It may have been worse than the one Neil tried to give me the other day:

A TOUR OF NYU LAW by Neil Thakor

Neil: “This is the student lounge. This is a class room. This is a smaller class room. This is another student lounge. This is another class room. This is the library.”
Me: “I can’t go in.”
Neil: “Okay. Do you have any questions?”
Me: “When was it built? How much did it cost? How many miles of books are there?”
Neil: “Okay. I don’t know any of those things. Do you wanna see it?”
Me: “The sign says I’m not allowed in.”
Neil: “Follow me.”

Security guard: “Where are you going?”
Neil: “Third floor.”

Neil: (to me, later) “So, obviously we’re not going to the third floor.”
Me: “Wait, what?”
Neil: “We’re going to the other entrance to the library.”
Me: (heading back up the stairs) “No! We’ll get in trouble! Nope! Nope nope nope!”

So, I looked forward to the tour that wouldn’t jeopardize my chances of admission by involving me with some disciplinary counsel before I even got there. I was wrong.

At the Admissions Welcome Desk I got a fancy badge to help with security and mistakenly asked for the self-guided audio tour. “We have a self-guided tour…” she said skeptically. “Oh, right. That’s fine.” She handed me a single sheet of folded paper and sent me on my way.

The “tour” includes descriptions of all of the floors of two buildings. The first floor of Vanderbilt Hall, for example, is composed of two student lounges, an auditorium, and the law library. Here are some helpful excerpts from this and other buildings:

A TOUR OF NYU LAW by NYU Law Admissions

A student lounge that houses student lockers and mailboxes.

First-year and upper-level classes are held in these rooms. Room 208 is a smaller, seminar-style classroom. All classrooms in this building are fully wired for internet use.

Faculty and administrative offices are located on these floors.

And much of the same.

While the tour wasn’t anything to write home about, it did convince me that Neil is an eerily good fit here at NYU.

Now: The MoMA has free admission from 4-8 so I’m gonna go do that, I guess. Whatever. God, I’m so tired. So very tired.

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