What law school looks like

Sitting in the back of one of the top law schools I’ve visited, and getting lost during the pretty complicated lecture, I decided to write down what the students in front of me were looking at on their laptops. Being kind of a numbers/infographics-lover, I thought it’d be fun to share.




Some of the students’ laptops were obscured, either by one another or a screen protector (thus less students in the third, fourth and fifth rows), and naturally this sample was only from one class and of course not the entire class.  Gmail/Gchat users were typically chatting but sometimes only answering emails (one Outlook user was included in this group). I forgot one Word user in the pie chart (top).

Many of the students flipped back and forth between multiple programs, so I tried to take a “snapshot” as quickly as possible of only one moment in the class. However, when I did notice someone flipping back to class notes, I did try to give them the benefit of the doubt and record it as “Word” or “Onenote.”

Notice any trends from the front to the back of the class? Thoughts on assigned seating? Laptop use?

Here are some things I learned: cool kids use Onenote. Also, try not to be the only loser on Facebook. I guess I should be developing my Google+ network.

3 thoughts on “What law school looks like

  1. First thing I noticed was the abundance of MacBooks. How do you know what they’re running from the front if the class?


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