August cannot come fast enough

So, some exciting news I’ve been meaning to share: I have a vacation, a new job, and a new apartment in my future.

New job: Last Monday, Lee came to visit, and we stayed out late eating a fabulous meal at Houston’s. A friend at work recommended it to me because of their garden burger, and the quinoa was ah-ma-zing. Also, it’s right next to a WholeFoods and a Ben and Jerry’s, where we had dessert. We also drank a little too much, so we had to call a cab to get home, and in the morning, my head was pounding. I skipped my shower so I could sleep in, and stumbled into work.

I got a call at about 10’o’clock from Amy McCullough, the head of the VWU at the SCDAG, who told me the General (Amy P. Weirich) wanted to talk to me. It took a few seconds for it to register that this was probably in response to the resume and cover letter I’d dropped off in the first McCullough’s chair a few weeks before.

Me: Um . . . Now?
Amy: Let me put you on hold, I’ll call the General’s secretary.
Me: (on hold) Please not now, please not now, please not now . . .
Amy: Okay, Kaitlin? How about one hour?

ran out of the office, ran down the street to my car, sped home, and called Lee, who was ready when I ran in with resumes and a fresh pair of slacks. He asked me potential interview questions while I shampooed my hair.

Q: Why are you the best person for this job!?
A: I’m ready to hit the ground running, [O.K.] I have great people skills, [Good] . . .

Lee drove me and dropped me off so I could be 10 minutes early (because if you’re not 10 minutes early, you’re late). And Amy McCullough walked me down to the General’s office, where we were told that the General had pushed our meeting back a half an hour. So then we walked back to VWU, where I sat in the break room freaking out a little bit, writing notes to myself and outlining answers to the hard-hitting questions I was sure to be asked.

When I finally did get in to see the General, it went something like this:

The General: So, Kaitlin, here’s the deal. You’ve passed the Dan Byer test. He likes you.
Me: . . . He does?
The General: Yes. So, do you want to work down at juvenile?
Me: Sure. That sounds great.

And that was the only question.

I met with Paul Boyd, the HR rep that took me around on my first day as an intern. I was nervous about this, too, because I wasn’t sure what the job would pay, or if they’d ask me for my input. It all worked out, though, because he did not ask me before he wrote down the salary given to him based on my education/experience, and slid it across the table. I swear to God this happened. I still have the Post-It Note. I have no idea why this is done, and I did not ask him. Maybe he just wanted it to be dramatic for me; it is my first, big-girl, salaried position.

The position pays just a little more than I would have made this year waiting tables for around 30 hours a week. But I will no longer need to commute 30 minutes both ways to Collierville, or be vulnerable to blows to my income caused by holiday weekends or a crappy section. And, more important than the salary, I will get: my own office, a parking space, and business cards! It’s also really close to our new apartment, so I can walk (but I will probably bike . . . in that area, young women are subject to a lot of unwanted attention, unfortunately).

Apartment: Sometime between August 1 and August 10, we will be moving to our new apartment! It’s downtown, pretty close to the baseball stadium, the Orpheum Theater, and lots of cool downtown dining. And it’s pretty close to Beale Street, which should be fun since my mom is coming to help with the move. And good because, since Lee will be going into his third year of law school, he’ll need to know where to get beers-to-go.  Best of all, it’s owned by a company and not a private renter. If you or someone you know rents apartments or houses, I’m sure you’re an okay person, but for the most part, landlords are the worst and I cannot wait to not have to deal with that anymore!

Vacation: I told Red Robin right away that I’d be starting a new job, and we worked it out so that I’ll go to weekends through September 1. And since I was told I’d be starting July 15, I took off that weekend to finally come home, to see my parents, my friends in the Boro at MLT, and my friend Gayle Jordan.

Then, Paul Boyd sent me an email telling me that, for financial reasons, SCDAG won’t be able to officially hire me until August 1st. Amy McCullough has asked me to go ahead and “intern” at the juvenile courts on my internship days, so that Natasha can go ahead and work her new job in the gang unit . . . Essentially, I’ll be working for free until the first.

But! Since that’s the case, I told them I wouldn’t be coming in next week, and I have almost a whole week to visit home. Which is really exciting, since I haven’t been home once this summer.

Larger vacation: I think I’ve decided not to apply this fall, either. Kthxgtgbye!

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