Cherry tomato and yellow squash crumble

So yesterday I got off of “work” early (more on that soon) and decided to hit Kroger on the way home for some stuff to make the Vegetarian Times email recipe of the week, Cherry Tomato and Yellow Squash Crumble.


Melting the butter to add to the fresh bread crumbs. I bought one of those awesome-looking multi-grain loaves from the bakery, and then I tore it into little pieces after browning it in the stove for a little bit. I thought toasting it would make it easier to crumble, but it just make it harder not to eat (one for me, one for the bowl).


Adding the butter and parsley to the crumbs and mixing them up by hand. I think I added too much parsley, but I used my roommate Ethan’s Magic-Bullet-esque device to chop the parsley instead of doing it by hand? And it was so exciting I chopped too much. Still need a Magic Bullet, for real.


So I’m pretty much the best at chopping onions now. Here I am browning them on the stove. If there is any foreign object in your sautee pan, just pick it out and put it on the stove.  See my found objects in the top right?


Grating cheese. I used Gruyere. Be sure to eat as much cheese as you grate. Also, text your boyfriend and eat Terra Chips. If you aren’t eating Terra Chips while you cook, you are doing it wrong. (Acceptable alternative: drinking wine.)


After you have burned the onions ever-so-slightly, add the squash.


When the squash are soft, add the tomatoes. Also, maybe use a deeper pan. I had to add some more butter at this point, because I didn’t want the veg to burn. I swear I’m not a racist, though.




Moooaaar cheeeeese!


Bread crumbs and a shot of the very cool oil and vinegar bottle my mom got me in Virginia.



Eat only a little because you are full of Terra Chips.


squash and tomato

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