On Sunday mornings, Lee and I cook. He does my pancakes, and I do him homefries and eggs. One of the saddest ironies of our lives is that Lee is a master pancake chef, and yet he does not care for pancakes.

More for me.

I wanted to do quinoa pancakes, because I had a fridge full of red quinoa that I wasn’t sure I’d get around to using. I found a recipe online, and after the first cake failed under Lee’s skillful spatula, we tweaked it. Recipe after the jump.


The recipe:

1 heaping cup of quinoa
1/2 c. milk (I used vanilla almond milk.)
2 eggs
1 tbsp. honey
1 1/2 tbsp. baking powder
pinch of salt
1/4 c. flour

Whiz quinoa, milk, eggs and honey around in a blender. Then add baking powder and salt, whiz again thoroughly. Add flour until the batter achieves the ideal consistency–not unlike thin yogurt. You should almost definitely add fruit when cooking these.


A note on cooking pancakes: I have never made a pancake nearly as beautiful as the ones Lee makes, even after watching him do it over the past year. I can tell you that he favors low heat (3 out of 10 on our stove top, and sometimes slightly below that) and butter for greasing, which he does only once, instead of non-stick sprays, which tend to burn even on low. None of these tips alone will help you to make the perfect pancake. Maybe the secret ingredient is the patience and presence of mind he has from not caring two shits if they come out, because he’d rather have a waffle anyway.


For eggs, I like: to use more egg whites than whole eggs; to add a glob of cottage cheese for extra fluff; and sometimes to add some real cheese so that nobody gets the impression that I’m calorie-adverse.


Homefries are usually just plain-old potatoes, although this morning I had a little sweet potato in my mix. I use olive oil, and before adding the potatoes, shake in some rosemary and let it cook around a little because it smells delightful. (I also recommend doing a rosemary popcorn this way, a delicious trick I learned from my friend Kristin.) Shake the pan intermittently until the point that you think they’re burning. They’re not.




Time for more coffee.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. Now I’m hungry. For pancakes. We make pumpkin pancakes with just pumpkin and eggs, then we top them with toasted pecans and Grade B (that’s important) maple syrup. The Grade B makes it much bolder (Publix carries it). Eliott makes the most perfect eggs, scrambled with peppers and onions. With crispy bacon. And then there’s coffee. Beautiful Sunday.


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