Download this app: Second Vote

Listen up, economics friends. Today I stumbled upon “Second Vote.”

The 2nd Vote app is a consumer tool that helps you “vote” with your shopping dollars. It reveals both the companies that fund the conservative causes we support, and the liberal causes we oppose, on an issue by issue basis. This app is useful whether you are conservative on one issue or every issue.

And from reviewers in the Google Play store:

Know who is funding what Abortionist Left Wing Hate Groups

Great! Helps me NOT donate to the moral and ethical degeneration of this great country.

Excellent idea Good app to use to blacklist businesses that support pro filth groups like the LGBT and abortion.

WE HAVE ARRIVED! Thank God….an app to identify progressive socialist unAmerican agenda driven pukes! You will not get OUR MONEY!

Well said!

What these app-developers recognize is the statistical near-insignificance of your “first” vote, and they have developed a convenient, pocket-sized guide to increasing that significance, by a factor of just about what you spend on goods/services during an election cycle. (Insert joke about Koch bros.)

What they might not realize is that you can still use it if you are conservative on no issue. The app sorts by industry (looking to order pizza? go clothes shopping?) or by issue:

  • 2nd Amendment Rights;
  • “Corporate Welfare” (whatever the hell that is);
  • Environment (seriously, companies are scored DOWN for “environment”);
  • Marriage (the nuts-and-bolts kind);
  • and, of course, Pro-Life.

It’s beautifully designed and it even allows you to arrange from lowest-to-highest score so you don’t have to scroll through Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby to get to Starbucks and Google. When you select a business, you can also expand their “rating” in an area to see what they’ve done to both earn the ire of conservatives and my liberal bucks!

Search on Android.

Detail on iPhone.

As the reviews suggest, it’s also very simple to use!

Love the ease of comparing Guess what Hanoi Jane…even that traitor can figure this one out

And it has not only been endorsed by this Beck, but another, less-well-loved one:

Perfect!! Just what I have been looking for. Saw the app on Glenn Beck. I am for anything he recommends :) God bless America!!

Other helpful recommendations for the reviewer above:

glenn beck

But not everyone is as thrilled with the app.

JUNK! This app is so bad it has even made me loose respect for Beck for promoting.

(Is that what did it?)

There were also a lot of these:

Errors Works as good as

Failed Account Creation Keyrist, this works as well as Obama’s healthcare site.

Junk This is just like Obama Care.

Must be a government website Not working …you idiots should not open a website tell its working…same as gov.

But wait, a variant!

Works like Congress IT DOESN’T!!!


Some comments were somewhat foreboding . . .

I like it. Though I’m not sure how much longer it will be useful, since my disposable income increasingly dwindles.

Conservative griping about taxes or commentary on the growing wage-gap?

Useful App This app is great for those who want to avoid left leaning companies, but it turns out that there are few conservative companies left at which to shop

And, last, this sweet cherry-on-top:

The Irony The developer has put this app on Google Play which scores a low 2.5 according to this app. Certainly not “practicing what he preaches”. And every time a conservative downloads this app, they also are supporting Google. This is great – even the ignorant people can’t help but to support liberal businesses! Thanks for making things so clear.

So do I support a conservative app developer and download this helpful, well-designed app? Yes–because I’m sure it’s just what those developers–and Glenn Beck–would not want. In conclusion, download this app.

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