First-Day-of-Class Eve

It’s Sunday evening and I just bought a box of wine. So there’s your first shot of jealously, all my Tennessee friends. I could also buy vodka if I wanted. At Walgreen’s. Which I think is open all night? So . . .

But I won’t buy vodka tonight because my first day of classes is tomorrow! If my schedule escaped your attention on Facebook:

M, W, R

Contracts convenes bright and early at 8:30. So that would be horrific, if I wasn’t incidentally (due to moving, to orientation, and probably to the fact that all of my windows face east) waking up at 6:00 every morning anyway. (I feel very productive but haven’t quite gotten the hang of going to bed.) Contracts is, as the name implies, about contracts, but also about all sorts of various agreements and promises that are made in varying degrees, under what circumstances they are (un)enforceable, and what sorts of remedies exist when they’ve been broken.

Torts is next, directly after Contracts. Torts deal with disagreements between two private parties (so not crimes, which concern the defendant and the government–unless the crime is also a tort, but not all torts are crimes, and not all crimes are torts). Or something.

Civil Procedure (Civ. Pro.) is after lunch and deals, as far as I can tell, more with the procedure involved in filing a civil claim. So there’s the complaint, the answer, discovery, maybe it’s resolved, maybe it goes to trial, why, what happens when you don’t like what happened at trial, the appeals process . . .

T, F

Elements of the Law (Elements) is–also as far as I can tell–like an overview? But this class, as well as Civ. Pro., does not (yet?) have a syllabus, and the reading was just recently posted online, and I don’t have internet or a printer, so . . . I guess this class will just be a surprise for me tomorrow.

Legal Writing and Research (LRW) is our small section (so only 30 people, versus about 90 [?] in our other classes). We’ll learn how to use the library as well as internet resources to research legal questions, and we’ll learn how to write a memo, and a brief, and have to “argue” an issue at the end of the course (which I am, at this point, very excited about, but things may change).

I did all of my Monday reading today, and it was much slower-going than I had anticipated, which I imagine is a special kind of disappointment for people like me who feel like they’ve had some exposure to reading and briefing cases. I’m going to give everything another look over before I go to bed, but I feel pretty well-prepared for tomorrow. No anxiety about the “Socratic Method” (where, in contract contrast to a “lecture,” law professors conduct the class as a kind of discussion by firing questions at students in no particular order). (Again, this may be another type of special disappointment for people like me who feel like they’ve “had some exposure to” answering rapid-fire questions regarding a case or cases. I’ll keep everyone posted.)

As slow-going as the reading was, when I was done I had a strong desire to press on, which I think is a good sign that I find the material engaging. But I also thought that it would possibly be better for my sanity to go for a walk, call Lee, eat a pastry, and do some laundry. And Gayle suggested that I blog, and I can do that for another . . . Oh, hey! 15 minutes!

As far as the new location is concerned, I love my new apartment. It’s on 53rd, which is sort of a thorough-fare in Hyde Park, which is a neighborhood distinct from what most people think of as “Chicago.” (So, Hyde Park:Chicago::Lascassas:Murfreesboro, only Hyde Park is probably larger than Murfreesboro, if not by surface area, then by volume.) It only takes me 20 minutes on the bus to get downtown (I sold my car) and here it only takes a 5-10 minute walk to get to the grocery store or anything else I need. It’s about a 30 minute walk to school, which is nice because I get some exercise. Not sure how I’ll feel about the walk come January, but I’ve heard the shuttle buses are sort of horrific as well in winter. Think sardines in a can. Not sure if I will prefer to breathe someone else’s germy exhalation while I sweat bullets in my down coat, or if I will prefer my eyelashes freezing off. Catch 22?

But I love my apartment. Mom did so much to help me with it, and for the money we had to pull it together (thanks, mom! And guy who bought my car!) it’s just perfect perfect perfect.


View from the kitchen/near the front door. Bed-nook behind shelf.

To your left/by the front door.

To your left/by the front door.

Desk nook to the right of the piano/on the left hand looking out from the kitchen.

Desk nook to the right of the piano/on the left hand looking out from the kitchen. Yes, same chair.


Huge walk-in closet to the left if you’re looking at my desk-cubby.

Bathroom is to the right off of the desk-cubby, directly across from the closet.

Bathroom is to the right off of the desk-cubby, directly across from the closet. (Sorry for the trippy photo, was very difficult to capture. Just look at it one piece at a time. It’s a long, narrow bathroom, and this is kind of the far half. The shower extends to the door, which is not in view.) 

Just the sink.

For reference, the sink is roughly the size of a cat.


Come back out of the bathroom, and here’s the kitchen. (The boys really dig the vertical space.)


View of the living room from where my bed is on the other side of the book shelf.

My bed-nook.

My bed-nook.


The view from my window. See the slivers of lake? It really is more significant in person.



My classmates also seem very nice. Contrary to my (uninformed?) expectation, I have already found a couple of like-minded people who are looking forward to public interest (PI) careers and just seem generally chill. I have also made friends with a few on the “firm-track,” but they are pretty forth-coming about the fact that they are in this for a J.O.B. and $$$, so,  respect.  Orientation was also pleasantly productive (if long). I had the chance to make these acquaintances, and I also I thought (as I told the Dean at an event last week) that there would be a lot more trust-falling and friendship-bracelet-making, but was pleasantly surprised at how evidenced-based the activities (personality inventories, public-speaking workshops, and group activities) actually were.

So I do have 2 more minutes to blog, but I’m up on my roof-top deck and it’s a bit chilly, and it’s probably time for me to eat and turn my laundry over, so I will sign off for now and try to update everyone at some point this week re: the first day of classes and the dreaded “Socratic Method.”

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Roof-top deck, which I will enjoy for another couple weeks.

Sorry this was so boring, Gayle.

2 thoughts on “First-Day-of-Class Eve

  1. My precious girl —

    This was as far from boring as anything I have ever read. It’s the most thrilling, hope-filled, ambitious, apartment-picture blog in the history of 1L blogs! I found myself repeatedly saying “Awwwww!” and “Ohhhh!” and “The kitties!” as I read through.

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m going to drive you as crazy as I do my own kids with wanting to know what you’re feeling, what you’re learning, who you’re befriending, places you’re going, food you’re tasting, and air you’re breathing (yep, I’m that mom – just ask them!).

    I’m already planning a trip up – probably this spring. I’m finishing electives now, and start right in on Bar Review as soon as that is done (Nov-ish). California’s Bar is a Tues/Wed/Thurs, then my graduation is in LA the following Saturday. Then a trip with the squeeze, the offspring and their SO’s to Vegas (not an original bone in my body), THEN I’m coming to Chicago.

    The apartment is almost as cute as you are. What a wonderful space to facilitate your journey. I’m particularly fond of the white board. I have no less than 6 in my office alone, and I attribute my success in law school to the sanctity of the Dry Erase. Law school is as much a challenge of information management as it is time management (scratch that – substitute “more” for “as much”).

    Enjoy your classes. Don’t mind me; I’ll be here hovering around your blog, waiting for more reflections/experiences/opinions/descriptions. Prouder of you than I can find words to say. Text me your snail-mail (it’s a mom thing).

    Go get em, tiger. xx


  2. Hey Kait!
    Very nice apt. Loved the post. It made me feel that i missed out on US college experience :( too old to worry about it now :) hope you are all situated. Haven’t had a chance to catch up on ur blog for various excuses including laziness. While trying look up for a post on how to use a pressure cooker, shortcut to ur blog caught the corner of my eyes and i clicked on it to see how ya been and i am glad i did that. Proud of you and love you. Will try to checkin again later. Happy holidays!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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