Five years, in review

This is a personal blog, so I’m going to do something personal today and show every one of the existing pictures of me and the SO. Don’t worry–there are only like a dozen. The SO and I celebrated five years of not-breaking-up a few weeks ago, and so I flipped through Facebook, old emails, and my hard-drive to try and find those pictures and save them somewhere. I showcase them here, with commentary.

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How I studied for the LSAT without Kaplan

Good Monday morning!

Many law school hopefuls are gearing up for the June LSAT, and many more will be taking the test this fall. I can’t count the number of conversations I’ve had with various people about what to expect, what works, what doesn’t… and it’s much too much to fit into a 15 minute conversation at work or in the halls between classes. So I’d like to take the blog in a retrospective direction today and detail exactly how it was that I studied for the LSAT, and specifically, how I did it without an expensive test-prep agency like Kaplan.

Before I begin, just a note to say that I don’t claim my method is the only method or the best method, but it worked very well for me and I don’t think anyone can be hurt by having too many ideas about what might work for them. I also have nothing bad to say about test-prep services. Constance and I took the test at the same time, started studying at the same time, and stayed within 1-2 points of one another through the entirety of the process. She took a course, I studied independently. To Kaplan or not to Kaplan, again, is about what’s best for you. I think an important consideration is self-discipline, but money plays into it.

So, how I took the LSAT . . .

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