So I’m an awful person.

I haven’t posted in a million years. Surprisingly, when you’re working seven nights a week to summarize the very essence of yourself in less than two double-spaced pages, chain smoking like a 1960’s father-to-be in the maternity ward and lubricating your typing fingers with rum and coke . . .  Surprisingly, you don’t feel like writing more afterwards, even recreationally.

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So I’ve wanted to play piano since I was old enough to know about it. I had an uncle who was just a couple of years older than me who was playing piano that I idolized. He still does play, and he’s great. Meanwhile, I never got around to it. Last winter I took an introductory piano course at my university, and for Christmas, my boyfriend got me a weighted, 88-key electric piano. What better use for a Rumspringa than to teach myself piano! Here’s what I’ve been working on, and I’ll continue to post songs as I get them under my belt on YouTube