Five years, in review

This is a personal blog, so I’m going to do something personal today and show every one of the existing pictures of me and the SO. Don’t worry–there are only like a dozen. The SO and I celebrated five years of not-breaking-up a few weeks ago, and so I flipped through Facebook, old emails, and my hard-drive to try and find those pictures and save them somewhere. I showcase them here, with commentary.

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How I studied for the LSAT without Kaplan

Good Monday morning!

Many law school hopefuls are gearing up for the June LSAT, and many more will be taking the test this fall. I can’t count the number of conversations I’ve had with various people about what to expect, what works, what doesn’t… and it’s much too much to fit into a 15 minute conversation at work or in the halls between classes. So I’d like to take the blog in a retrospective direction today and detail exactly how it was that I studied for the LSAT, and specifically, how I did it without an expensive test-prep agency like Kaplan.

Before I begin, just a note to say that I don’t claim my method is the only method or the best method, but it worked very well for me and I don’t think anyone can be hurt by having too many ideas about what might work for them. I also have nothing bad to say about test-prep services. Constance and I took the test at the same time, started studying at the same time, and stayed within 1-2 points of one another through the entirety of the process. She took a course, I studied independently. To Kaplan or not to Kaplan, again, is about what’s best for you. I think an important consideration is self-discipline, but money plays into it.

So, how I took the LSAT . . .

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LSAC Law School Recruitment Forum

Almost two weeks ago, my friend Cici and I went to an LSAC Law School Recruitment Forum in Atlanta, Georgia. If you’re unfamiliar, the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) hosts exciting recruitment events in major cities, where the law schools come to you! (Well, some of them.) It seemed like a great way to learn about schools that we were interested in, pick up some application tips, and maybe make an impression on some admissions reps so we could do some name dropping when we visited. I want to share not only the hilarious narrative of our trip, but also some advice that we agreed any forum attendee should have.

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