Ten ways men can combat sexist entitlement in public

My first re-blog, and a really valuable post that I hope my re-blogging will contribute to spreading! For a little from me on how women can combat sexist entitlement, click here.

Change From Within

After the tragic mass murder in Isla Vista, CA in May, violence driven by Elliot Rodger’s misogyny and racism, countless women used the hashtag #YesAllWomen to voice the endless ways in which overt and microaggressive misogyny shows up in their everyday lives.  It was an incredible response to a terrible tragedy, one with the power to raise awareness of the constant assault on their lives, bodies, personhood, and livelihoods that women-identified people face.  I, along with a number of other pro-feminist men, called on men to read as many of the tweets and to reflect on what they cumulatively call on us to change.

Sadly, though, many men saw it as a chance to question and challenge women’s experiences with misogyny rather than to listen.

One of the most common refrains, despite the thousands of voices cumulatively calling on men to realize the harsh realities of misogyny, was “PROVE IT!”…

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Broken windows

Recently, I began sending my friend Saige my “feminist gripe of the day,” or FGOTD. (Or, #FGOTD. Can I start my own hashtag? What if I only barely know what Twitter is/how to use it?)

Basically, I send her a text when I see something identifiably sexist.

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