Chester drawers

Update: Someone got to this post because they Googled “what paint to use on wood chesterdrawers.” :D

I like to collect “knowledge gaps,” stories about people who misunderstood something simple, presumably as children, and were never corrected until later in life. For example, I thought gravity could be re-created on space stations into my twenties (presumably after watching “Rocket Man” as a child), and only found out that this wasn’t the case after a lengthy argument on the subject with my boyfriend, Lee. My boyfriend, on the other hand, thought that in the south, a bureau or dresser may also be called “Chester drawers.” I think it was last year that I first heard him say this.

We’re about to move into a new place in downtown Memphis, and so I’ve had home design and interior decorating on the brain (check out my Pinterest on the subject). The other day, when I saw a beat up Chester drawers with good bones on the side of the road, I decided it wanted to make it into¬†this.

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