Best of 1L times, worst of 1L times

Having been inspired by the process of “outlining” (although I’m still not sure what it is), I have written a blog post that should make up for the fact that I have been terrible about posting about law school. Here, I outline my typical day as a 1L and the “best case, worst case” scenarios. I don’t mean to imply that each day is either/or, or that they’re evenly divided. I hope I’ve had more “best case” days, but I probably couldn’t tell you. I think most are a combination of both, but I’ve definitely had one or the other.

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Five years, in review

ThisĀ isĀ a personal blog, so I’m going to do something personal today and show every one of the existing pictures of me and the SO. Don’t worry–there are only like a dozen. The SO and I celebrated five years of not-breaking-up a few weeks ago, and so I flipped through Facebook, old emails, and my hard-drive to try and find those pictures and save them somewhere. I showcase them here, with commentary.

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