Day 9: University of Pennsylvania School of Law

Up at dawn for the train into Philadelphia from D.C. Constance walked me there and even packed me a breakfast! Which is great, because I found out this morning that I left all my Clifbars in my other bag in D.C. On the train, I ate my breakfast and read about some law schools in the Princeton Review Top 167.

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The search for work

In the large gap between my last post and the present, I graduated college, went to moot court nationals, moved to Memphis, and found a job waiting tables to make that “skrilla” (as Neil would say). At last count, I’ve applied for nine receptionist/file clerking positions  via Craigslist with no call back and sent some blind applications to the largest firms in Memphis to find a job at a real law firm. The idea was that, living with the boyfriend attending U of M law, I wouldn’t have to pay rent right away and I would have access to the largest metropolitan area in Tennessee for my job hunt.

No success.

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